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Symbolism of life and the candle

January 25, 1998

    Last night at LCCS, I went into the meditation room to spend a few moments with Jesus.  While my mind prayed to Him, my eyes came across the image of the candle burning in front of me.  Every so often, a small breeze would make the candle flicker up and down.  Sometimes it looked like it would be blown out, but it never did die.  When there wasn't a breeze, the flame stood tall and still.  I believe that we can make an analogy between this candle and life relationship with God and Jesus.

    The breeze blowing the candle is life.  Sometimes life treats us rather roughly, and sometimes life is gentle with us.  The fire of the candle represents our relationship with the Lord.  Sometimes, our relationship with Him goes up and down because of life and it's events.  We can get extremely down, even to the point of when we feel that we are going to die, and Jesus reaches down and picks up back up.  Like the flame, we can stand tall and still and be steadfast in our faith.  But, as this candle shows us, we can't be perfect.  In fact, Jesus doesn't expect us to be perfect.  That's part of how He created us.  We will get down, and that just means that Christ will reach further to pick us up.  And it is an awesome feeling when He does....