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The Cavern

9/14/96 - 12:45 AM

There is a long and winding cavern
That is so dark and so deep
I can barely see across it,
Or hear someone on the other side.

I've been told that I must believe in myself
Otherwise I cannot see to the other side,
I've been told that I must be patient
For patience will cause a bridge to appear.

They say that there are riches over there
So vast that a lowly man cannot comprehend
They say someday light will appear there
And we will be able to see and know all.

For now, all I can do is wait and be patient,
To keep trying to see to the other side.
Eventually, I will be able to cross that bridge.
And walk into the warm radiant light.

I can't really tell what that light will be.
Some say that it will be understanding.
Others say that it will be tears of joy,
Still others say that it can only be love.