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I wrote this one in dedication to William Murrell, a friend that died in March 1996

"A Couple More Minutes"

3/26/96 - 10:20PM

Spare me a few minutes,
Let me show You
What I can do;
What You want me to do.

Just a couple more minutes
Please, I haven't finished yet
I have so much more to do
So much more to do for You.

A few more precious minutes
They would help show You
How much I love You,
How much I care for You.

Don't stop me now!
I'm not anywhere near done.
But if You want me to,
I guess I will.

"I don't need you to finish,
You know that I love you.
I am your Father,
I will finish for you."

Dedicated to the memory of William Mordue Murrell