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What do I think?

Spring 96

Well, what do you think I think? That's a good question. If you know me, then you know that I am oriented toward the "humanistic" side of psychology that deals with caring about the person rather than the scientific side of things. Let's outline a few points I believe in, shall we?

* I feel that people should be open minded about life. People should try out new experiences and things as they come along and not say "I'm not gonna do this." Never *ever* say this! This is the only way you learn and experience life. (I'm not saying that this doesn't have it's side effects.. like riding a dizzy ride and feeling pretty nauseated after..) Close minded people tend to have less fun than open-minded people. (The only restrictions on this "open" rule are contained in my religious and ethical standards. Everything else is fair game!)

* I feel that people should believe in themselves more. Time and time again, I've seen people who say "I can't do this" or "I don't want to try this because I don't know what will happen." Instead of "I can't do this," why not try "This may take time, but I just *know* I can do it!" Another good example is "I'm not going to do this (just because)." (My dad's famous for that one.) An absence of a reason is not an excuse, and neither is "just because."

* I feel that people should hug more. It's been proven that parents who hug their children more have children that are more stable later on in their lives. I usually only recommend this if you actually know the person.

* I feel that people should not keep everything "bottled up." I know it's a stereotype that men are this way. I'm sometimes this way, but usually, I *find* a way to express myself, whether it's by poetry, songs, or something else. If it's a song or a poem, and I had something to do with it, it does have meaning.

* I feel that people need to try accept other people's beliefs and points of view in a more tolerant manner. The tolerance level in this world has gone down to squat. I feel like I should be able to say something and not get my head bit off by someone else because they don't agree with me.

* I feel that people need to give life a chance. Too many people stay in the frame of mind of doing the same thing every day. I've known people who've done mainly one thing every day during their lives, and these are not very happy people. How do I feel one can get out of this loop? Shoot, break all the rules and host a candlelit dinner for your wife or something. Ask that girl that sits next to you in English class to go out on a date. If she says "no," it's just her loss. If you're an eligable single and have followed alot of the points above, she shouldn't have a reason (besides a boyfriend) not to go out with you.

* I feel that people need to not judge one another. Too many people use a first contact to judge whether the person is good/bad/attractive/ugly, etc. When you do this, you're edging the change to get to know a pretty good person.

* I feel that most excuses are just copouts. People either "don't want to/don't have the time/don't have the money/don't want to hire a babysitter/don't feel like going out/don't want to commit/want to stay home/ want stay single and party/don't want to spend the extra time when they could be doing something else/don't want to cause it's not 'worth it'/don't want to be 'tied down' to a spouse/don't want to work for $0 money/don't want to put another iron in the fire." Most of these excuses are not valid. Some of them (like the money one) can be valid at times, but studies have shown that 90% of the time, these excuses are copouts.

* Finally, I feel that everyone has their own personality quirks. Some people are just extremely close-minded. Others don't want to try anything new. Still others don't give anyone or anything a chance. Our goal in life is to help others overcome their quirks and problems.

"A horizon is there when one decides to accept life as a limitless experience where everything is game. Nothing promotes a stormy sky like limits." - Unknown